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A Natural, Glowing Headshot Session of a Stylish Belmont Lawyer

I am aware my blog posts have been lagging lately.  Due to being extremely busy, which is a good thing!  I have a lot of families and little ones to catch you up on, but I also wanted to give more of

Huron Village Easter Hunt and My “Egg McMuffins”

This past Saturday was the annual Huron Village Egg Hunt, and with it came a ton of adorable children and babies knocking on my studio door for some eggs.  Well, I bargained with them – eggs

Huron Village Egg Hunt Studio Portraits | 2014, Cambridge

Last weekend was the annual Huron Village Egg Hunt, and I was busy with all these adorable children stopping by for quick studio portraits!  Love all the bright colors and faces.  Already looking

Jun, a 1st Birthday Portraits taken in Cambridge, MA

Take a look at this cutie that I had at my natural light studio a couple weeks ago!  I think all his outfits are amazing, including the traditional Korean first birthday suit.  Bright and expressive,

Ellie, An Actress Headshot at Cambridge Studio

Don’t really mind it when I get gorgeous young ladies to photograph at the studio.  Love this particular actress’s cat green eyes.  Makes me yearn to be young again!

Professional Editorial Portraits and Headshots | Cambridge, MA

I offer editorial portraits for creative professionals who want to portray themselves in a unique and flattering light.  Think magazine or newspaper spread  featuring the intelligent and stylish

Portraits of Calvin w/Selfies for Nobles Bulletin

Took these shots in the studio today with a tripod for my Nobles update..  I know it may seem extreme, but hey, it’s basically going to be free advertising to my fellow alumni!  I love all of

Henry at 6 Months : First Cambridge In-Studio Session!

Oh boy am I excited about sharing these images!! I photographed this blue-eyed stud back when he was a newborn (which resulted in one of my all-time favorite photos of baby and mom gazing over the