This past weekend  I photographed a lovely bridal shower at Susu Bakery Boutique in Wellesley.  Think candy everywhere, pastel cupcakes, giggling ladies, and of course lots of bubbly.  It was quite a delicious and festive soirée!

The beautiful bride-to-be is a the sister of a dear friend, and I look forward to photographing her wedding this coming October:)

Without further ado, my first real blog post… Enjoy!


Hi everyone and happy Monday.  I am pleased to announce the birth of my new ProPhoto Blog website.  I hope that over time I will add improvements, as well tons of new photos as shoots occur.  Please let me know if you catch any typos, glitches, or think something could be improved.  “Constructive criticism” is always appreciated : )

I am proud to initiate my blog with a shoot of a family that actually lives across the street from me.  Local Cambridgians!  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into a typical summer evening in our neighborhood, full of playfulness and smiles.  This is where the beloved summertime sound of children laughing and playing comes from!