It is hard not to get a little melancholy  as Labor Day (ie. the “End of Summer”) draws to a close. It is time to become instantly nostalgic for late afternoon sun, bug spray, burning charcoal, sunblock, salt water, melting ice cream, and lime flavored beer. I enjoyed all these things this weekend with my dogs, husband, and in-laws. I also received my new Lensbaby, a super fun toy lens that I can’t wait to use with some upcoming portrait shoots (I maybe got a little crazy over-using it this weekend – but hey, it’s new!).

So bye-bye Summer, I will miss you terribly. Glorious Fall – I think I already sense your crisp goodness in the air today.


What an amazing run of weather us New Englanders have gotten to enjoy recently!  I was able to take advantage of the sun in a backyard shoot on Sunday morning.  This family was a sprightly group to say the least.  The men – hockey players, of course – broke out the outdoor bar they made with some of their old sticks adorning the sides.  A beer may have been opened… it was getting close to noon!  All eyes are turning towards the one daughter of the pack, who is recently engaged and plans to marry next summer!


This weekend I attended a stunning wedding at Belle Mer’s Island House, in Newport, Rhode Island.  These are photos taken as a guest – not a professional!  I’ve known the couple since they were high school sweethearts at Nobles.  Needless to say, the wedding was a sort of reunion for many of us, with former classmates gathering again to celebrate in style.

After a day of rain, the sky broke open in time for a fiery sunset over the water.  That, combined with the scenic seaside location, nautical decorations, and a great looking couple made for some great images!  I wish I had photographed more, but at some point I had to put down the camera and enjoy the festivities myself : )


Check out these portraits of green-eyed sisters, Brianna and Keara.  I photographed them at their home and at Borderline State Park on a perfect summer day.  The two are talented ballerinas and weren’t afraid to show off their skills (and dozens of worn-out slippers).  I hope you enjoy their spunky behavior as much as I did.


This past weekend  I photographed a lovely bridal shower at Susu Bakery Boutique in Wellesley.  Think candy everywhere, pastel cupcakes, giggling ladies, and of course lots of bubbly.  It was quite a delicious and festive soirée!

The beautiful bride-to-be is a the sister of a dear friend, and I look forward to photographing her wedding this coming October:)

Without further ado, my first real blog post… Enjoy!