Another former Nobles classmate and another gorgeous family! Astrid hired me to photograph her adorable children, husband, brother and parents at her newly acquired horse-farm in Dover. It was perfect fall evening, crisp and stunning. The festive attire glowed as did mischievous smiles and play. A perfect collection for the holidays!PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN

Doesn’t get much prettier than this!  Glowing Brookline High senior + sunny fall day + park ablaze with golds and reds and oranges…  Love the ivy and historic gates and Sadie’s genuine enthusiasm for life ; )  Enjoy this perfect senior teen portrait photo session!



Super excited to post this departure from my normal here on this site – some assignment/documentary work.  I was asked by the United South End Settlements organization to photograph their center on the South End/Roxbury border so that they could have some images for marketing use.  This was a really cool assignment, because I was able to witness an amazing and influential non-profit organization at work.  Here is the USES mission statement:

To build a strong community by improving the education, health, safety and economic security of low-income individuals and families in Boston’s historic South End/Lower Roxbury and to serve as a national model of successful neighborhood engagement.

I was hired to photograph some of the workforce preparation classes as well as the senior tai chi class and interior space of the center.  I think from these images you can see the sense of community and sincere dedication these students have.  They truly were helping each other out in the classroom – these images are not posed.

Enjoy taking a look into this gem of a center that is helping Boston’s underprivileged and motivated.


This lucky little guy had his introduction portraits taken at his grandparent’s house in a beautiful historic home in Newton, MA.  This couple is currently living with the grandparents as their own home gets some renovations in the South End. so we just decided to capture life as it is for all of them these days.  Not a bad option as this home has so much character and charm, just like this family!  Lots of laughter, eye-rolls, and a total go-with-the-flow attitude that I adore (and appreciate!).  Enjoy!