This weeks Fine Art Friday is dedicated to Francesca Woodman, one of Elizabeth’s first inspirations as a photographer. Francesca is an American photographer, best known for her black and white photographs. Her pictures feature mostly herself or other female models. The photos are often nude and obscure, many being blurry to emphasize motion. 

All of her photos are intimate and provoke thought. She continues to intrigue critics and viewers years after comiting suicide at the young age of 22.

To view more of her work please check out this site in which she is featured in 


Love these summer shots of a quite glamorous mom-to-be (Gisele?).  This shoot was on one of the hottest day so of the summer, and Alex was ready for it, Loubs on!  I enjoyed getting to know this couple that both hail originally from Canada, as we took shots along the Charles Esplanade.  Alex and Tyson expect their first child (gender unknown) in September and I look forward to documenting the bundle once he or she has arrived then!

Super excited to share these images of one my dearest client and her family from earlier this summer (well, June, which was really a late spring for us this year!).  Adorable Emma has grown up so much from just a year ago (check out their shoot from last year).  She has become more expressive, hamming it up for the camera (I LOVE her attitude rocking the sunglasses!), but also truly allowing herself to explore nature at the lush grounds of Belmont Habitat.  I am frankly somewhat surprised that these photos actually take place outside Boston, because they almost feel Southern and swampy (somewhat due to there was foreboding weather at one point).  We were all surprised and happy when the sun poked out when playing in the meadows, where Emma found her own special “Emma sized tree”.

Habitat was an amazing place to photograph this curious and smart family (scientist Dad) not only because of its diverse terrain (woods, pond, meadows, gardens, farm animals, etc), but also because Emma will be going to nursery school there in the fall.  Not a bad place to start learning at!