SO late with this post but better than never.  I wanted to do G’s 9 month photos in Bermuda, but he got a TERRIBLE stomach bug, vomiting with a high fever (including a photo of him sucking thumb with baby penguin who was a savior to him during this time of despair).  Not ideal for photos.  So, a few days later back in Rockport I broke out the camera one morning when light was good.  G still not in great mood, but I wanted to capture him exploring.  He is now easily pulling himself up and cruising on occasion.  He really wants to walk, and does well with assistance.  I am pretty sure this guy will be doing it on his own well before the 1 year milestone.  He’s very motivated with big brother Calvin zooming by and teasing him.

These two are playing a lot more these days which makes my heart swell, albeit it’s a lot of rough housing.  I imagine this will only intensify, but I have to remind myself they are boys and this is how a lot are.  George is also a monster eater.  He enjoys trying new tastes and textures and out eats Calvin by a lot nowadays (although C ate a ton at this age too).  George is also going through phases of being clingy to me, although the past week that has seemed to diminish a bit with him wanting to hang more with the boys.

And the beach.  He loves it! (along with the sand).  Literally beelines crawling for the water.  I think I will do a beach shoot for the 10 month mark.  Maybe even hire a fam photog?  We will see..


Another beautiful baby boy (and family) I get to introduce – Landon!  I was lucky enough to be referred to this young family by a prior client, and head over to the rolling, quiet roads of Weston for this newborn family session.  Mom and dad were actually also in the midst of renovating their old home – but somehow are raising the little guy and able to host me for a photo shoot!

I enjoyed capturing the family in various rooms throughout the home, including Landon’s nursery fit with a ton of dad’s childhood toys, books, and stuffed animals.  Some of my favorite photos are on the leather couch though – Landon already looks like a much older baby (little man!), so wide-eyed and amused.  We also included rescue dog (and first child), Rosie, who was a great model.

Finished up the session outside in the backyard, where you can see the vegetable garden which I bet Landon will get to learn about and enjoy down the road.


Summer is officially here, and now is time to book your summer vacation beach family sessions.  I love photographing seaside family portraits because they simply never fail.  Playful, dynamic and beautiful every time.  Sure the kids will get a little sandy, and there may be some tears at some point, but that’s all part of the fun and reality of a day at the beach.

I am posting a session from last summer, of a family who comes to Long Beach in Rockport every summer.  This time they had new baby J in tow.  I always encourage families on vacation like this to start or end their session at the home as I think this is a significant part of their stay and typically holds a lot of memories (lots of times these beach cottages and homes have a damp, salty air to them that you can just feel thinking about it).  Then the scenic, sandy beach is the perfect place for some beautiful portraits.  See all evidence below and book your summer portrait session now!  I book these photos in July and August only…



This spring and summer has been all about repeat local clients for me!  I am grateful, and also quiet excited because I get to see all these families grow.  First up is this group.  Two years ago I photographed baby Sebastian.  Collette joined the family a year ago, and mom wanted me to capture them enjoying springtime once again.  This time we head to the beautiful, enclosed gardens of Longfellow House.  It was an adorable and sweet session, capturing this family exploring and playing together. Enjoy!




Our little man is not so little these days! George continues to put on some adorable chub.  He is also a drooly mess.  Seems like he is about to add some teeth to his existing two.  Which is a good thing, because George loves his food!  He is able to eat pretty much everything these days, and enjoys doing so (today it was berries and a turkey sandwich for lunch).

He also wants to be able to get up and run around with Calvin.  He still isn’t crawling – more rolling – occasionally able to sit up from lying down – pulls up – and prefers to be standing while leaning onto counters.  He is also taking baby steps when held up in our hands.  Maybe he will walk before he crawls!  Still a noisy boy constantly babbling or grunting or giggling.  Wants constant attention, preferably from his mom or Calvin…

Also, his eyes are still blue and change a bit green or grey depending on the surroundings.  I have a feeling he has Grandma Sterner’s beautiful blues.. : )