This family session brings back memories of my own childhood.  I grew up in Chestnut Hill, and their home was around the corner from mine (ages 1-7).  And do I miss that area!  The historic homes and beautiful yards with mature landscaping in pretty stone walls..  This home was no exception!  Also, both children attend the Dexter-Southfield Schools!  I got to catch up on all the teachers and learned that not much has changed…

I love how this preppy mom incorporated the color orange, and the classic tweed blazer dad is wearing.  We  fun playing some football and letting the kids run amok, as well as pulling it together for some more traditional portraits.

This past weekend me, Dan and Calvin headed out West (Western, MA that is) for a one-night trip in the Berkshires.  These photographs document the road, bright orange foliage, Cranwell Resort where we stayed, exploring Lenox (and more stairs), and the bear that bounded across the road (I was in such shock that even though camera was in my lap I pretty much missed the moment!).

It was time to do my yearly documentation of my gorgeous best friend Lindsey and her family.  She is the one who so many of you clients have heard me mention as the reason I got into this business in the first place back when she had her first child, Jack.  Just a month ago she and her husband Doug welcomed their third, Teddy!

These photographs capture Jack and Olivia (my too-pretty, spunky goddaughter) “working” with Dad, Lindsey snuggling with Teddy, and everyone kind of being themselves (trying to pull together at times for a group shot).  I had to get just a few of Baby Calvin (as Jack and Olivia affectionately call him) getting pushed around in the wagon.  He has too much fun with his cousins.

Congrats Lindsey!  Excited to see the announcement photo ; )

Lindsay contacted me this summer to book a Baby and Belly package.  She mentioned that she loved creative and fine art photography, citing and Alec Soth.  I knew I was in good company, and was particularly excited to take this shoot. We decided on Wellesley College’s Botanical Garden and Greenhouse, as I figured it would be ripe with intrigue for Walker (and myself).

I think it was a good choice!  With toddlers, you kind of have to play it by ear, and Walker immediately wanted to check out the John Deere tractor.  Fun!  From there we headed into the misty greenhouse.  I love the sense of exploration for both Walker and Lindsay, as they explored the maze of plants.  We finished up with some glowing portraits of the beautiful mom and her bump!

Definitely looking forward to meeting the whole family once the little one arrives and taking more creative photographs then!