This spring and summer has been all about repeat local clients for me!  I am grateful, and also quiet excited because I get to see all these families grow.  First up is this group.  Two years ago I photographed baby Sebastian.  Collette joined the family a year ago, and mom wanted me to capture them enjoying springtime once again.  This time we head to the beautiful, enclosed gardens of Longfellow House.  It was an adorable and sweet session, capturing this family exploring and playing together. Enjoy!




Our little man is not so little these days! George continues to put on some adorable chub.  He is also a drooly mess.  Seems like he is about to add some teeth to his existing two.  Which is a good thing, because George loves his food!  He is able to eat pretty much everything these days, and enjoys doing so (today it was berries and a turkey sandwich for lunch).

He also wants to be able to get up and run around with Calvin.  He still isn’t crawling – more rolling – occasionally able to sit up from lying down – pulls up – and prefers to be standing while leaning onto counters.  He is also taking baby steps when held up in our hands.  Maybe he will walk before he crawls!  Still a noisy boy constantly babbling or grunting or giggling.  Wants constant attention, preferably from his mom or Calvin…

Also, his eyes are still blue and change a bit green or grey depending on the surroundings.  I have a feeling he has Grandma Sterner’s beautiful blues.. : )


Cue some jazz for this session and join me on a stroll along the romantic streets of the West Village in NYC.

This engagement session features Lhia and Charles – my gorgeous in-law and to-be in-law!  What a great gift idea from Jessica, ha.  These two love living in the West Village and wanted me to photograph them hitting some of their favorite stomping grounds including Tartine, the Spotted Pig, and dive bar, Atomatic Slims.   It was a lot of fun for me to visit this idyllic area of New York – on an idyllic day too.  Dappled sun, blooming ivy and flowers everywhere, and the sounds of the city at a nice level ; )

After the photo session we met back up with Jessica and head to the new Whitney to see the impressive portraiture show (I should probably make a Fine Art Friday on it!), and then brunch at bloodies at Bubby’s.  And a little bit of shopping, of course.  I had so much fun!

These two will wed in August – and I am pretty confident they will have an amazing future together filled with some friggin’ good looking offspring ; )

Enjoy this eye candy.


So excited to post these images, taken over the past holiday weekend at my in-laws in PA!  Lots of heat, backyard play, sun, gardening, cooking, BBQ-ing, sparklers, delicious food, bubbles, dirt, laughter, tears, beer, wine, a few bloodies, you get the gist… Delighted to see Kelsey and Fabio (sister and brother-in-law) who were in town from Italy for a wedding.  The trip was too short, but I am glad I bothered Dan by having my face behind the camera for a good chunk of time.


I know most people think I just photograph babies and families.  Not so!  I also love including the other children.. dogs (and cats and other pets!).  Animals are just as dynamic and fun to capture as us human species.

This shoot focused on puppy Scout.  He is the new addition to a creative and energetic couple who have recently become empty-nesters.  This photography session was actually a birthday gift from the husband to his wife, one she had not so subtle-y hinted at.  On a bright spring day I headed over to their home to capture Scout having fun in his own backyard.  He even posed for me, handsome little devil.  Snapped a few of brother, cat Topaz, and finished off a few of parents enjoying eachothers’ company because, why not?