This is a way belated post – back from last winter!  I’ve been meaning to get it up forever, and figured that now, with all the snow dumped from the blizzard of 2015 dumped in the Boston area, this post-snow session would be a good fit.

It features adorable baby William (LOVED his Janie and Jack outfit!) and his first-time parents at home.  Well actually, at mom’s parent’s home in Waltham, where they were staying as they were waiting for their new home in Wellesley to close.  Making due!  I thought it was really sweet actually, photographing this little guy on his mama’s childhood bed – with her old Catholic school portraits lining the walls (I also took a few of him in his heirloom baptism gown).

As I mentioned, this shoot took place after a bunch of snow fell last year, but it was sunny out so we figured why not head outdoors just for a few wintery portraits!  My favorites are of William all bundled up in his car-seat, eyes peering up at his mom saying “what on earth are we getting ourselves into??”.


This post includes a collection of images that I photographed during our time in Ocean Reef.  It starts with some of Calvin in the sink bath and then out and about in the Fishing Village where all the stores are painted in bold blues, yellows, greens etc.

All the rest of the images are taken with my new Pentax 450D.  As part of my New Year’s plan for my business, I decided to invest in a used one with a 55mm lens to replace my old film Mamiya 7 – and am already in love!  With the Pentax, I plan to photograph mostly older kids and teens, headshots and engagement photos – anything where I don’t have to move too quickly.  The camera is a bit weighty and slower than my 5D, but the quality is spectacular.  I barely did any editing – the contrast and richness of the images are delicious as is.

These images include Dan and Calvin in their pink bathing suits at the lagoon (a few of me added in – they didn’t work out as well ha), Calvin hanging out naked out in the rain, Calvin eating with his sidekick (my favorite),  and the last one is a fashion-y self-portrait.

Due to the blizzard, we are stuck here for an other few days – not such a bad deal (though I really am ready to get home and back into the swing of things…).  Might mean I may be adding some more images to this post… (maybe some landscapes and still lifes..?).


This is a special photo session for me to share.  It features one smoking hot tennis player – Kristen Raverta – who was our #1 player on the Amherst College tennis team when I was on it (I was walk on, non-starter ; )).  Our team, by the way, ranked top 4 in DIII pretty much ever year.. so this means Kristen is pretty darned talented (she has quite the collection of trophies somewhere…).  But she is also gorgeous and incredibly fit, and therefor decided she might want to dabble in some fitness photography.  So we planned this shoot at the Badminton & Tennis club where she is a member (and I am daughter of a member).  It is super old school/vintage, and I though the backdrop would make a stylish, editorial spread for what so many do here – play evening tennis then get glammed up for dinner.  Enjoy!  And Coach Bagwell – don’t tease;)

Another super local Cambridge family hired me to capture their adorable two week old, Eli, along with his big brother Jonah at their home in Huron Village.  I loved this family’s home filled with historic character and light.  Jonah had the typical energy and curiosity that so many two year olds have and I loved photographing him (and chasing him around).  What a stunner!  Little Eli looks like he will be following in Jonah’s footsteps : )

These photos were taken on a very, VERY cold late fall day.  I was supposed to meet this stylish family at the Arnold Arboretum, until I received a phone call that baby Lucas had thrown up all over himself.  Not to worry!  They head home to South Boston to clean him up and we decided to move the session over that way at Castle Island.  For those of you who know the spot, you know it is super windy!  All I can say is this family was a group of troupers – despite the cold, change of plans, and Lucas’s discomfort, they were able to play and have some fun for the camera.  I am now working on a gorgeous Cypress book for them and can’t wait to see it in person!