My Georgie is filling out and becoming more beloved by the day.  Is this possible?  Yes, very much so.  George is getting chubbier, stronger, more wide-eyed and curious.  He is making louder noises including coos, giggles, shrieks, whines, and, what I call “questions”.  He truly gets a rise out of Calvin, although he cries at loud noises (especially screams of “touchdown!”s like last night during the Superbowl).  Despite another snow storm, today we trekked out for not only his monthly check up at the doctors (still topping the size charts), but also his introduction at Bright Horizons where Calvin attends.  He (and Calvin) seemed to thoroughly enjoy this.  G’s teacher was also shocked by how much George ate.. solids included (see photo below). George is also almost sleeping through the night… so close, yet can’t seem to do it consistently yet.  Working on that..

I took these photos yesterday on his 4 month birthday, not realizing that I actually had Calvin in the same outfit for his 4 month photos two years ago (although most of Calvin’s were naked – I’ll have to do that next time for George!).  Everyone says they don’t look much alike… but I think they look so much like brothers.   For comparisons sake, here is the link to Calvin’s 4 month shoot.


This stylish couple reached out to me about photographing their very special upcoming year.  Tabitha is an art designer and Andy is an architect, so both are aware of aesthetics (didn’t have much trouble with wardrobe.. ; )).  They are currently expecting their first son in March, and want to document the stages of pregnancy, newborn, babyhood and first birthday.  So they signed up for a Baby’s First Year Collection and I can’t wait to see how both they and their son grow!

For now though, he remains a bump in mama’s belly. Since Andy and Tabitha enjoy living in the city (currently residing in Charlestown), they wanted to have me photograph them out and about downtown.  We decided on Boston Common/Public Garden and Beacon Hill for the charm of the brick brownstones and narrow roads.  It was actually quite warm (though dreary) out, but thankfully some snow still remained on the ground to remind us that the images were taken in January.

I can’t wait to visit them at home in just a couple months and meet Baby R!


Oh Florida.  You are warm, and sunny, and humid, and colorful, and lush, and and…  A place I always associate with vacation, the pool and family.  Apparently, another Nobles classmate of mine does too.  Ashley, who now lives across the States in California, reached out to me in the fall asking if by chance I would be in the Boca Raton area for the holidays.  Yes, I would be (well, 30 minutes north in Palm Beach anyhow).  Would I be interested in photographing her family, including her own parents?  Of course!

Just a few days prior to the New Year, I head to her parents beautiful home in Boca.  There, I captured Ashley and her adorable kids, husband, parents (who look pretty amazing, right?.. I think Florida helps keep one healthy and fit), and doggie hanging out.  We started off in the comfort of the AC and then headed outdoors to play around in the golf cart and power wheels.  Saved the pool for last, because, well, we didn’t want photos of everyone soaked in their clothes (happened anyway).  So cool being able to photograph kids in the water – honestly something pretty new to me.  Next time going to bring my own bathing suit so I can get right in there.. maybe some waterproof camera gear too would be sweet!  … hmmmm…


So.. enjoy this visual treat.  And if you and your family are ever headed to Southeast Florida in the winter months… think of reaching out.  You never know – I try to get down there as much as I can and a business excuse would be appealing!PINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPINPIN

Recognize the scenery from this beautiful family photography session?  Let’s just say someone’s sister wanted to do the same for her own husband and children, and so I headed down to this family’s summer home on the Cape once again.  Something magical about this seaside destination in Falmouth.  The dewy mornings (nothing in the house ever entirely dries) with the sound of fog horns blowing in the wind.  And I know it holds a ton of significance for these subjects!  I already have a couple clients booking me for shoots at their summer get-a-aways this coming season – definitely something I encourage thinking about ; )



Finally getting back to posting client sessions!  Here is a recent gem of a couple who is expecting their first child in March.  We snuck this maternity shoot in just before Christmas so that they could send out holiday cards to share the good news.  Since the dad is an avid cyclist, they decided to use a tricycle wrapped with a bow and tag to symbolize the gift they eagerly await!

This couple is so relaxed and playful.  We captured them at home, all cozy and snuggly  with each other and their coffee (in some playful mugs gifted to them for their wedding), and then taking a stroll at park nearby their apartment in Melrose.

Looking forward to returning in a couple months to photograph their baby!