We all know that when multiple generations of family get together (ie. the holidays), things can get a little chaotic.  The same is true for an extended family portrait session.  But when you are able to embrace the energy and emotions that kids (and babies!) of various ages and hanging out with your own siblings and parents can bring, it can also be a rewarding time.

I was invited by my Nobles classmate Liz once again to photograph her family over Labor Day weekend – but this time the whole clan including her parents, siblings and all their kids at their parents home that sits overlooking scenic Manchester-by-the-Sea harbor.  This selection of photos tries to showcase the children at play, parents and grandparents adoring the kids (and sometimes singing/cheering/incorporating various tactics to get their kids attention to the camera!), as well as a few group shots  It was a bright and sunny late summer day, and this preppy group picked a perfect palette of blues and whites to embrace the seaside location.

Grandma and Grandpa B certainly have a beautiful and energetic family to be proud of, and I hope they cherish these photos!

Here is a lovely family portrait session I took up in Beverly from late summer.  The family recommended Lynch Park since it is near their home, and I now know why it is a favorite destination for photographers!  Such pretty, European inspired gardens with lovely architecture, as well as a scenic beach and fun playground.  Allowed for a diverse range of imagery, perfect for kids (and parents) to explore and have fun.

I guess better late than never…  I have been meaning to get these adorable, documentary style photos up from earlier this summer for too long!  Remember this scenic winter maternity session at the Arlington Beach Reservoir (probably not, since it’s been so long – so I am posting a few here to set the scene)?  Well, baby Clark (love the name!) arrived at the very end of April to proud parents Mallorie and Adam.  I loved the calm green tones, their dark hair and matching cat, and, of course, Clark’s perfect munchkin face. They have since moved to the other coast, but I hope these shots bring them memories of the early days of Clark’s life at home.


So excited to post these photos from my close friend Sarah’s shower just yesterday!  It was a perfect day for one – bright sun, crisp air, and the Patriots won their game!  I was delighted to attend this adorable shower hosted by Margie, who was a second mom to me as I was growing up.  She (and her daughters) are very creative, and always have the best party decorations and food! Anyway, it was a big crowd of ladies who attended to celebrate Sarah and her baby girl who is due in November.  I was a guest, but tried to snap a few shots amidst the flurry of activity.  I focused on the babies bumbling around (Jane, Edward and Calvin – all born just a couple months apart!), the crowd, the decorations, and, of course, had Sarah come outside to capture a few glowing portraits : )


Calvin is 10 months today!  Yesterday we went to Good Harbor Beach, which I definitely think is one of the prettiest beaches in Massachusetts.  We got lucky with the weather too yesterday – humid, perfect temp (80, I know it was 90+ in Boston suburbs!), and slight breeze.  The water was finally warm too – I spent a nice chunk of time swimming in the waves while Dan watched Calvin.  It was also low tide, which allowed us to walk along the pretty sand bar.

Calvin is now enjoying the beach more that he doesn’t constantly eat the sand – he actually plays with his shovel and bucket.  He is now a bit apprehensive going in the water, but Dan was able to get him excited and fascinated by the bubbles from the waves.  One thing is for sure, he gets super sandy like his mom – impossible to clean off!  But he slept like a rock for two naps yesterday – one at the beach as shown, and another later in the day.  We were all wiped out.

Looking forward to a few more days of this as my vacation gets close to the end… So I am going to say farewell and pretty much go off the radar following this post until Monday!