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Boston Area High School Senior Photography | Brookline High and NCDS | Summer 2014

Here are two lovely girls that I photographed last season, Amy and Giovanna.  We photographed Amy, a Newton Country Day School student, at her home in rural Dover (pretty!).  Giovanna attends Brookline High School and we photographed her at Larz Anderson Park (also very pretty!).  Wanted to get these up to encourage moms and daughters to think about booking now for summer and fall sessions as I fill up these up quickly!


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Fine Art Friday | Mary Cassatt

Today marks the first of hopefully many Fridays that I plan to feature brief posts on artists and culture that I find inspiring.  Today I am kicking off this series with the female impressionist painter, Mary Cassatt (1844-1926).  I came across her work back in college in my Women in Art History seminar.  What draws me to her work is her subject matter and use of color.  Most often, a domestic scene of a female at home with her offspring is documented.  Her palette is often bright, and sometimes on the pastel side like other Impressionists.  An interesting things to note – at the time, fabric trade was booming with the East, so Cassatt often renders unique and interesting patterns in the clothing and drapery.  Also, she includes mirrors often, which has meanings on multiple levels (I believe I wrote a long paper on Freud and the theory of the “Mirror Stage” in grad school which referenced Cassatt).  The mirror can be a symbol of self-awareness, vanity, reality vs. warped reality, the list goes on…  Artists love incorporating mirrors into their work, as 2D artwork is a surface that acts like a mirror, reflecting how the artist perceives life.

All that said, for me it is Cassatt’s concentration on the intimacy between mother and children in the comfort of their own home that fascinated me.  I think she is a predecessor for so many of the documentary photographers who I plan to feature here – for so many of us “lifestyle” photographers.  That bond between mother (or parent) and child is essential to the work I provide my clients with.

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Huron Village Egg Hunt Studio Portraits | 2014, Cambridge

Last weekend was the annual Huron Village Egg Hunt, and I was busy with all these adorable children stopping by for quick studio portraits!  Love all the bright colors and faces.  Already looking forward to next year…

Parents – please CLICK HERE to access the ordering gallery (your password is in the informational email I sent).  The ordering gallery will be live through the end of April only!  Below is only a sampling of photos taken – most children have a couple posted.  Please contact me with any questions.

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Kendra and Isla | Pregnant Mom and Daughter Lifestyle Photography at Home in Weston

A couple weeks ago this pretty mom, Kendra, contacted me regarding headshots for her currently in-development website as a health coach.  More than that, however, she was really drawn to my lifestyle imagery of children with their parents.  So we decided to do a combo photography session where I came to her home in Weston to capture her playing with her daughter Isla as well as a few more traditional portraits.   We lucked out and got one of the first warm days of Spring – and we took advantage of it by following Isla as she explored both the outdoors and inside of her home. I love the light reflecting off both mom and daughters’ fair hair outdoors – but I think my favorite shots are of Isla having fun with the French door leading to Dad’s study.

I have no doubt Kendra’s business will take off, as she was incredibly kind and had me talking more about myself than I typically allow!  I also think it’s pretty apparent from these images that she knows what she is doing health-wise – she’s 7 months pregnant and looks incredible!  Once her site is up I will make sure to link it here : )

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A Summer Favorite | Family Session at Half-Moon Beach, Gloucester

I can’t believe I never got around to publishing this beautiful family/baby session from last August.  This little beach is a total gem in the early morning before the crowds set in.   Little Eleanor definitely had fun on the sand with her newly found walking skills.  Love the back lit shots of the whole family on the rocks.

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