Yet another young beauty with brains signed up for a photo shoot from Harvard.  Seems to be a trend around here, no?

It was a cold spring day, but Chengyi bared her pretty legs in an incredibly stylish outfit, finished with ruby red slippers.  Her smoky blue Chanel bag wasn’t a bad touch either.  I also loved her bob, and adorable upbeat attitude.  We decided to take a walk from my studio in Huron Village over to Fresh Pond, and then back again with just a couple simple headshots.

Chengyi will leave Cambridge this summer for the other Cambridge – in England, for her doctorate program in psychology next year.  I hope these photos remind bring her good memories of a challenging though special time here in New England!



Remember this Christmas maternity shoot?  Well there is one cute new owner of the red tricycle.. Baby Ethan!

I got to meet this cutie on a bright day in early April.  He’s a lucky little dude, with loving parents who share a good sense of humor.  Wild one, huh?  Not totally sure about this little guy’s nickname, as he seemed like a total sweetie to me : )  Mom put a lot of care into this airy nursery with gray and yellow accents.  An other photographers dream session really.  I get pretty lucky…

Enjoy these photos of one adorable little man (who already sports a good shaggy head of hair!).



A little lazy with this monthly update photos of George, mostly since I photographed both boys so much while down in Florida.  But George looked so adorable waking up from his nap, I figured might as well capture a visual vignette of it.  Ruddy cheeks and huge rested smile.  The fascination of his hands.  Daddy and Calvin outside through George’s nursery window.


Today marks the last day of our season in Ocean Reef.  I posted photos earlier this week from our wild Easter, but have been taking out my camera a lot since I really enjoy the combination of Florida light, textures, and leisurely lifestyle of vacation.  This post includes shots of us just hanging out in the lanai, Calvin coloring, George rolling around, eating, chilling, drooling, icing, golf-carting it, playing, etc.  You’ll see a few images of Dan’s parents, “Me-Ma and Pop”, who joined us for the past few, brilliant days.  And, perhaps most important to me, the Haircut (see more below..).


So, the Haircut.  Calvin’s hair is my own hair, but a better, less-frizz variety.  Blonde, wispy, curly in humidity (Florida)/wavy in dry weather.  It has gotten quite long and unruly – curling up and out.  He often gets mistaken for a girl, but other people warn me never to cut it in fear of the baby curls being lost.  I was pretty confident this wasn’t going to be the case, as it’s just going to be inherently curly hair, not baby curly hair.  Anyway, I took the plunge and cut it myself – attempting a “cool/hipster” look with short sides and long on top to preserve and highlight the curly character of his hair.  I’m frankly pretty proud of myself and I think I surprised my skeptical husband!  Calvin seems to dig it too (although he was also skeptical during the cut as evidenced below).

Closing this post with a few photos of Me-Ma and Pop and the end of the evening last night.  Back to a snowy Boston April tomorrow!  Sigh…PIN


Thrilled to announce that one of my favorite family sessions of all time was featured on the 100 Layer  Cake-let blog!  Great timing too, as summer is just around the corner.  Beach/vacation homes/rentals are an awesome family photography idea.  Scenic, meaningful, atmospheric… They always yield amazing and powerful imagery.  Book yours now!

100 Layer Cake-let Feature

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.03.40 AMPIN