Another favorite from the crazy fall season!  It was a freezing day in November, so instead of heading outdoors for this shoot, we decided to stay indoors.  This Back Bay townhouse was a dream home with gorgeous modern decorations and a light-filled top floor playroom/workspace.  I started off trying to capture some more traditional portraits of the three children in the formal living room, but quickly decided to head up the multi-colored staircase to the playroom.  Mom left me alone to interact and follow the children playing on the built-in hammock swing, playing the piano, taking photos (!), reading books, and climbing up onto the roof deck.  I decided to edit this shoot with a bit more film-like settings from VSCO, which I LOVE working with. I think the effect is nostalgic, editorial and creative, and it brings me back in time to the way my photographs looked back in high school and early college (when I was photographing with film in low-light situations).  You might be seeing more of this dramatic look in recent shoots as I am really enjoying this creative editing approach.



I think this has got to be one of my favorite sessions to date! I met parents Anna and Brian at the Boston Big Sister event in November and they mentioned they were looking for a creative family photographer. They ended up hiring me (yay!) and had me come up to their new home – a loft in downtown historic Lowell. Lowell used to be a huge manufacturing and mill city and now has a very creative and eclectic population. This family actually lives in a restored mill, and did an awesome job renovating their space into a hip loft with exposed brick and beams. Then we headed out into the blustery cold to go down the Merrimack River. The combination of industrial scenery, late afternoon light, and a set of beautiful (and giggly) teenage sisters made for images that couldn’t go wrong.

I have been so excited to photograph this family. I have known the dad, Mike, since we rode the Dexter-Southfield bus together to school in our beanie caps.  We both matriculated to Nobles for high school, which is where Mike became a sports all-star and I found my love of photography.  I met his gorgeous wife, Liz, at reunions and a country club (and hope to see them at Ocean Reef down the road).  To be honest, I have followed their life as they married and had two beautiful children through Facebook (we all do this, right?) and was therefore so excited when Liz contacted me to have me photograph them this fall! And, I have to admit,  it really was a treat to see how happy and at home Mike is as a dad.

These photographs document the family hanging out and playing in their downtown apartment and then heading around the block to pretty Sparrow Park to play in the leaves.  Mike and Liz aren’t quite ready to move out to the suburbs, so they wanted to capture this time as a city family.  I love how these images show them enjoying time together and just being themselves.